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About Us

FSL UK is a privately owned company operating in the field of international trading, e-commerce selling, digital media marketing, and consultancy. We have been fully functional in this line of work for over seven years and aspire to keep growing according to the evolving business industry. FSL UK is an international firm operating with a head office located in Brecknell, United Kingdom and. FSL UK comprises a growing portfolio of projects, with over twenty seven various services associated with international trade, marketing, and consultancy. 

Major advocates of FSL UK brands include consultancy companies, marketing agencies, e-commerce based businesses, and trading companies. 

Over the years we have provided expert services to a number of well-established businesses in the market. Some of our prominent clients include Premier Housewares, Edible Arrangements, Lums University, Sarpinos, Wayback, Gloria Jeans, Subway, and many more.  

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